Salina Car Title Loans

Surprises are great when it’s a gift from someone or a long lost relative leaves you an inheritance. Surprises are awful when it’s something like finding termites have eaten away at your home’s wood framing and discovering that your homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t cover termite damage. What’s a person to do when they have a sudden and urgent need for money, and they don’t know where to turn for help? They stop stressing, and look for title loans in Salina for emergency cash.

What are Title Loans Salina?

Title loans in Salina allow you to get money from your car without selling the vehicle. If you’re willing to use the car, truck or other vehicle you own as collateral, a title lender will loan you money. The lender will temporarily place a lien on the vehicle, and they will require you to give them the title certificate, but they will not do a credit check. Bad credit does not mean a rejection for a title loan. Once you finish making payments, the lender gets rid of the lien and gives you back the title.


Every title loan applicant has to be at least 18, and they should be able to provide proof of identification. Applicants have to own the car, truck or other vehicles used to secure the loan. The vehicle needs to have a free-and-clear title. Also required of applicants is a job or some other type of income, such as unemployment benefits. This shows that the borrower will be able to afford loan payments.

Applications for Title Loans Salina

Fast is the way everything works with title loans in Wichita and Salina. We can wrap up the entire loan process, from application to money distribution, in less than 24 hours. Usually, it takes a lot less time than that, but it starts with you filling out our online application. It’s a simple document that asks about you and your vehicle, and it can be done in less than five minutes. After you submit it to us, we’ll get you a loan estimate. Then, we talk specifics. What is the condition of your vehicle? What type of income do you have? These are a few of the questions we’ll ask, but it won’t take long to give us the additional information we need. When we’re done, you get to collect loan money.

Kansas Legal Information

Established as open-end lines of credit, title loans are not regulated as some other loans. Borrowers are not limited in their loan amounts, and interest rates are set by the lender and borrower agreeing to loan terms. Lenders are required to hold a state license.

Benefits of Title Loans

There is no waiting for title loans because you can apply online at any time you choose and from any location. With our simple application and rapid processing, you’re done with everything in a few hours or less.

Incredibly fast cash is why you apply for a title loan, and you get what you want. Most title loans are approved and placed in the borrower’s hands or bank account in less than a day. Many times it happens much faster than that.

No need to worry about any past credit mistakes because there is no credit check. Title lenders focus on your vehicle collateral, not who you owe and when you pay them.

Loans terms are flexible enough to change when you need more time. If you can’t make all the payments by the completion of the original loan term, let’s talk about renewing the loan to add time.

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