Hays Car Title Loans

Hitting a financial roadblock can be frustrating is you don’t know where to get more money. If you’ve never considered title loans, now is a good time to do so. Title loans in Hays can give you the money you need to get through a cash crunch.

What are Title Loans Hays?

Title loans in Hays grant easy access to cash for people from every walk of life, including those who are usually denied credit by banks. That would be people with bad credit. With title loans, the person simply needs to use their vehicle to secure the loan. A title lender gives them cash, places a temporary lien against the vehicle and collects the title papers. When the loan is fully paid off, the lien is taken off the car, and the lender gives the title certificate back to the borrower. Applicants don’t have to worry about a credit check because it’s not part of the title loan equation. There is no credit check, which means anyone can be approved for fast cash loans.


Eighteen is the minimum age for title loan applicants. They are required to use their own vehicle as loan collateral, and should be able to produce registration documents that list their name as the owner. Applicants need a job. They could also get money from another source, such as alimony, but they need some type of income to afford loan payments.

Applications for Title Loans Hays

Instant cash loans are the way to go when you need money right away. Our short application makes it easy to get the ball rolling. Just give us the make, model, year, style and mileage of the vehicle you’re putting up against the loan. Give us your name, and let us know how to contact you. That will take you less than five minutes. You submit the application to us, and we’ll give you a quick loan estimate. Then, we work out the kinks in a loan package that suits your particular and current financial needs. We don’t waste time on unnecessary extras, such as lengthy applications or financial documents you need to provide. We keep it short so that you can get you money faster, and you should have in less than a day.

Kansas Legal Information

Title loans are considered open-end lines of credit in Kansas. This allows lenders and borrowers to agree on the amount of interest charged on a title loan. There is no cap on loan amounts, and lenders must be licensed.


  • Money is available to our customers extremely fast. Even loans that take a little longer to process are usually wrapped up in less than a day, which means the borrower gets their cash in less than a day.
  • Title loans in Kansas allow you to avoid a longer and more complicated loan process offered by traditional lenders. It could take a week or longer to see any cash, if you’re even approved. Bankers rely on credit scores to make loan decisions. Title lenders rely on the collateral our customers provide.
  • Title loans allow you to use one of your valuables to get cash. When you pawn things, you have to pawn multiple things to get the amount of money you need. Plus, the pawn shop keeps everything until you pay back their loan. Title lenders don’t have enough space to keep your car, and why would we? Your lender does not need your vehicle, so you keep driving.

    You don’t have to ask people you know for a loan, which means you don’t have to tell anyone you’re having a few financial problems.

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